“Making dreams become a reality requires great sacrifice and determination.” You can’t go around and tell people you are going to be a surgeon and not put forth the effort in doing so. This doesn’t mean that you sacrifice family, integrity, or religion to do so; it means that you are going to have to put forth painstaking effort to achieve that dream. My dream was to be the first member in my family to achieve a Bachelor degree. This is my last semester of my undergrad. It was a trial of failures, adversity, doubt, and mental persistence, but I have been able to achieve more then I thought I could have imagined. It is true that, “adversity determines our character.”

Once I became a mother I learned to focus more on my actions. My family didn’t believe that I was going to able to graduate because I had a baby that I needed to care for. That’s why when Brother Huntsman said, “Remember you will always be told no and you will always go back and go back and go back.” I couldn’t help relate that there have been numerous things in my life that people have told me I couldn’t do them and I persevered. My actions became much more important as I new not only my children would be watching them, but as well as my family and Heavenly Father. Priorities became viable.

I loved Hinckley’s priority order with our eternal spouse first, then children, employer, church calling, and health and fitness. Something that I feel as though I need to do better at is putting my spouse first. I feel as though I know my spouse is first, but treat him as if he is second. When I know I’m first in his life, then come our children. This is something I need to ponder on how I can make better.

“We must remember that without integrity, nothing else matters, and that with integrity nothing else matters.”

“Personal integrity shaped and fashioned and molded to a great extent, by adversity and personal trials, determines the person or individual we represent to others.”

Hinckley’s Priority order

  • Our eternal Spouse
  • Our eternal Children
  • Loyalty to our employer
  • Commitment to our church calling
  • Attention to ones personal fitness and health

Greatest areas a person must need in business

  • A person must be teachable
  • Humility

“People will never by products for products sake, they buy the product because they like the person selling it. They Like the business because they enjoy and respect the person who is running that business.”

All quotes taken from a devotional at BYU-I by Jon Huntsman