Campus Tour

  • Comprised of 30 major buildings
  • Founded in 1888
  • 1902 became Ricks Academy
  • 1923 became Ricks College
  • 2001 Became BYU-Idaho
  • I-Center is a 15,000 ft Auditorium
  • The Spori building was built in a style reminiscent of the original 1903 structure
  • Library book collection is over 100,600 volumes
  • Eliza R Snow was a female! Second President of the Relief Society
  • A lot of the buildings are named after leader that were in that buildings type of study like the Benson Building
  • Communications building, I didn’t know we had one
  • Agricultural Engineering building for students in Animal and Food Science
  • I had not idea that the counseling center was upstairs in the health center
  • I didn’t realize that the Ricks Building was included with the campus gardens
  • Auxiliary Services houses mail services, copy services, missionary program and the nursing outreach department.
  • Rigby houses ROTC
  • Biddulph Hall is home to online learning programs and pathway students
  • Livestock Center has 100 acres of irrigated land, work with horses, cattle, and sheep