A. Academic center (Tutor Centers)

During my time studying at BYU-Idaho I have utilized this recourse in just about every class. Many times, I don’t think I would have done as well if I didn’t and other times, I may not have passed the class if it wasn’t for the assistance of a tutor. They have been able to help me in developing ways to remember the information. Things like, “capitate, you get so angry you want to capitate them!” to remember a bone in our hands will stay will with me forever. What is even better is that I love that I learned how to learn using these resources.

B. Advising Center/Career Exploration/Planning

Without the advising center I would have never been able to discover this major that I am graduating in. I was blessed with the opportunity to work there for 2 years, if I didn’t I would have never been able to help as many people as I did. I learn a lot of information, most importantly the path I want to be on in my life.

C. BYU-Idaho Website

I don’t feel this was that big. I guess for me I learned by playing with the website when I was a freshman. I feel like it need a lot of work still, but I know it is coming together little by little. If there was one thing that I would fix it would have to be the finances tab. There has to be a better way for it to be organized to the usefulness of the user.