Learning Styles

I had always known that I learned the best by working with my hands, what I didn’t know was that I also learned well with visual! Had I known this, I think I would have watched more videos about the assignments I was working on. In the future, when it is time for me to take my National Nursing Home Admin. Exam as well the GMAT and GRE, this will be useful. Looking at more tests, example problems, and watching more videos are going to be key with my already hands on learning approach. They will give me more opportunities to understand each type of question, create a greater sense of familiarity with the exam, and increase my confidence in the exams. I can now look for more items like educational documentaries rather than as many books. This doesn’t mean that I get to disregard auditory and linguistic learning styles. I do need to seek ways to strengthen these other two. Especially considering that it’s the typical classroom based lesson style of learning. I can in turn read more books rather than watch as many documentaries, take notes as I learned about in the other lessons, and increase my literacy.